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The Last Razor You'll Ever Need-

Plastic razors bleed your wallet, forcing endless buys and costing thousands over time. GLIDE 2.0 breaks this cycle—invest once, enjoy a closer, smoother shave that lasts longer–without irritation or ingrown hairs.

Rose Gold
Rose Gold


Razor Blades - 100 Pack

Razor Blades - 100 Pack

$9 $30

approx. 3-5 years of shaving

Description & Patent

It’s not your skin causing ingrowns, it’s your razor. This award-winning, stainless steel weighted safety razor is custom-engineered to remove hair without irritating your skin, giving you the easy, super smooth shave you want, anywhere you want it.

Our patented design allows you to adjust the blade gap and fine-tune the comfort and closeness of your shave, for a truly personalized experience. The beginner shave setting makes it easy for any man or woman to transition away from plastic razors and get their smoothest shaves ever - without any nicks or cuts.

Made from start to finish in a factory in Germany with 100 years of craftsmanship under its belt. Built with care for a smooth shave. 100% recyclable stainless steel.

How to use

To Load A Blade:
Unscrew the handle of the razor.

Unwrap the razor blade, carefully holding it by the short ends. Place in razor.

Remove the bottom plate of the razor head.

Place the blade on top of the razor head.

Place the bottom plate. “Made in” should be visible.

Reattach the handle. Make sure it’s twisted and closed tightly.

To Shave:


It’s best to shave at the end of your shower when your skin is at its softest. If you need to do a quick shave, dampen the desired area with a warm washcloth.

Holding the blade at a 30-degree angle and using no pressure at all (remember the razor is weighted), use short, quick strokes to shave legs, under arms, or bikini areas. If you have sensitive skin, shave in the direction of hair growth.

Towel dry and follow with your favorite moisturizer, body gloss, or balm.


- Removes hair at the skin’s surface without damaging your skin or hair follicles
- No pressure is needed so skin is not irritated or damaged during shave
- Exfoliates as you shave leaving skin smoother at the surface


I'm new to safety razors. Does it prevent razor burn?
Multi-blade razors require pressure to remove the hair, which also removes more layers of the skin, leaving you with razor burn and irritation. GLIDE Rose Gold Sensitive Skin Razor is weighted, so no pressure is needed to shave. It’s a gentler process—removing the hair at the surface of the skin without damaging your skin or hair follicles.

Ok, but how does it prevent ingrown hairs?
Ingrown hairs occur when blunt hair gets trapped in the follicle and curls back under the skin. This happens less often with a safety razor because it never shaves the hair below the surface of the skin.

How is this more sustainable?
It's estimated that 2 billion plastic razors end up in landfills every year. GLIDE Rose Gold Sensitive Skin Razor is made of stainless steel, the most recycled material on Earth, as a durable, sustainable alternative to disposable plastic razors. Refill blades are also 100% nickel-free and recyclable.

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    Beware of low quality razors that compromise safety and increase the risk of cuts. Ensure your grooming is both precise and protected with the genuine Glide 2.0, made in Germany, with blades precision-forged in Sweden.

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    Don't Take Our Word for it...

    See why our 175,000+ Happy Customers Choose ExfoliLux


    Noticed Reduced Skin Irritation and Ingrown Hairs


    Reported Long-Lasting Smoothness After Switching to the Single Blade Razor


    Saw a Significant Reduction in Razor Bumps and Skin Redness


    Money-back guarantee, no questions asked.

    Data gathered via customer surveys*

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    Why Multi-Blade Razors Suck...

    When you shave, the first blade lifts your hairs up, making it easier for the next blade to get super close. You'll get a really smooth shave, but it's just for a short while. This close shave can sometimes cut hairs under your skin (leading to ingrown hairs) and might even nick off the top layer of your skin.

    👉 Heal Your Skin

    Why ExfoliLux™?

    Discover the difference between ExfoliLux vs. other brands.


    Money Back Guarantee

    Eliminate Bumps


    Costs $$$

    125,000+ Happy Customers

    • ★★★★★

      If you’re struggling or in doubt

      If you’re struggling with razor burns and ingrown hairs for years like I have, this will be a godsend for you! I’ve seen ads for this razor for a very long time and I always doubted it until I was tired of not wearing tank tops in the summer or bikini bottoms and tired of trying everything but this razor! So I bought it. I was so excited to try it, I immediately felt how smooth it was, and did not see any immediate razor burn in my bikini area or underarms. Seriously makes me sad that women are advertised that 3-4 blades helps with the closest shave as that is the complete opposite! This product is truly freeing for me and I now look forward to shaving!

      Arianna S. - Verified Buyer

    • ★★★★★

      I actually enjoy shaving now

      I hated shaving my legs. For years I tried to switch to waxing my legs to avoid shaving, but my skin does not tolerate waxing. My legs were always itchy and covered in welts and ingrown hairs. So I'd reluctantly go back to the plastic razors over and over that were only slightly better on my skin. I finally tried the rose gold razor and not only is the skin on my legs in better shape now than it has been in YEARS, but I actually enjoy shaving. With this razor, it feels more like a beauty ritual. And my skin feels soft and smooth afterward.

      Sophia L. - Verified Buyer

    • ★★★★★

      Serious Shave

      My Dad bought a similar razor in Germany decades ago, which I confiscated. The quality of this razor reminds me of it--same heft and same amazing shave. Thus far, I couldn't be happier with the purchase or with the perfect shave. IMO it is much better than the multi-blade plastic razors out there. It does a much better job on my underarms, which used to require about 20 passes. This razor requires minimal passes. Although the initial outlay seems steep, it will more than pay for itself within months relative to the expense of the replacement blades for plastic razors. Also, haven't nicked myself yet. Highly recommend!

      Emily R. - Verified Buyer



      How Do I Claim The Free Gift?

      Just simply add a razor to your cart, and it will be automatically placed in your cart for free!

      How Does This Razor Give The Smoothest Shave?

      Our Safety Razor delivers the smoothest shave thanks to its single-blade design. Unlike multi-blade razors that can cause irritation and ingrown hairs, the single blade ensures minimal contact with your skin, reducing the risk of discomfort. Additionally, the precision of our razor allows for a close shave in a single pass, leaving your skin incredibly smooth without the need for multiple strokes. The result is a grooming experience that's not only effective but also gentle on your skin, providing a level of smoothness that's hard to match with other razors.

      What's The Difference In Cost Between This Razor And Plastic Razors?

      While the initial investment in a safety razor may be higher, it's more cost-effective in the long run. The replacement blades are affordable and last longer, saving you money over time.

      Is This Razor Safe For Beginners?

      Absolutely. Many beginners find our Safety Razor easy to use. Its single-blade design allows for a gentler learning curve compared to multi-blade razors.